The Art Of David Brockie

David Brockie is the alias of everyone’s favorite Scumdog of the Universe, mega rock star Oderus Urungus. Somehow, in between pumping out blistering horror metal and tirelessly touring the world covering the masses in gore, this tongue-in-cheek maniac has also been cranking out tons of original artwork!

He has a Facebook page you can follow here, to stay up to date with all the new art he is creating, and of course, stay tuned to the official Gwar site for news and tour dates.
In the meantime, have a look at this collection of original work from this one-of-a-kind artist!

“The Gray King” pen and ink 2013

“Vicktor” 2009 acrylic 10×17

“Welcome to Hell” pen and ink 1995

“After the Fray” 2008 acrylic 8.5×14

“Oderus by the Baby-Fire” pen and ink 2012

“Whargoul Novel Cover” photoshop collage 2010

“Smiling Oderus” 1992 magic marker

“Razak and Friends, Beneath a Loi-Goi Moon”
Photoshop and pencil

Gwar T-shirt design

“Whargoul Waiting” pen and ink 1996

“Welcome to Hell” page four pen and ink 1995

“Horrible Squirrels”
Papermate Flair pen

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