How to horror up your Valentine’s Day

Once again, it’s Nymphetamine Jade here with some tips on how to make the most horrific Valentine’s Day ever. I know, I was once one of the many who had a grudge again Cupid for screwing me over one too many times. Didn’t help that my birthday was a week before the dreaded, Hallmark pushed holiday either.

But, if you and your horror loving honey actually do enjoy the celebration, here are a few ways that you can make the holiday something special. Of course, there’s the whole flowers, candy, teddy bear route, or you could buy a unique gift like these necklaces.

There are a few Valentine themed horror movies out there as well, such as “My Bloody Valentine” as well as it’s remake “My Bloody Valentine 3D“.

If you have a really awesome sweetheart, pal, or just want to scare the fuck out of some people, here are some cards you can start off by giving out. Either way you choose to celebrate, eat some damn chocolate!!


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