Bath Salt Zombies

Hello kiddies, it is your favorite clown Master Yuck, stopping in to bring your attention to a new film from one of my favorite sleazy directors, Dustin Wayde Mills.
After directing a few great films like Puppet Monster Massacre, Night Of The Tentacles, and my favorite, Zombie A-Hole, Mr. Mills has really brought his B-game with “Bath Salt Zombies”!

This clown is a proud resident of Flori-duh, and personally think all drugs including bath salts should be legalized, just to make things more interesting heh heh.
Take a look at the trailer for this awesome new flick from Mr. Mills!

This thing is chock-full of creative animation, gore, drug use, boobies, and random violence, Bath Salt Zombies is the kind of film that we need to see more of here on The Vault Of Sleaze.
Highly recommended by this clown, heh heh.
Thank me later.

Clown photos credited to Clinton Lofthouse.

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