Finally! The first trailer for Rob Zombie’s “Lords Of Salem” is here!

After months of trying to decipher pieces of the puzzle from some shitty cell-phone-cam version of the trailer, Rob Zombie has finally released a watchable version of it for all of us to enjoy and/or bitch about.
Without further ado, check out the first trailer for Lords Of Salem :

Well, that had an entirely different tone than I expected…
And, visually, looks like it has the potential to be creepy as hell. Good for you, Mr. Zombie, make your own path my friend.
What do you guys think?

The bad news is that the film is in post-production but the release date is in April 2013. The delay has a little to do with Rob and Marilyn Manson’s current Twins of Evil tour…

And the delay until Spring 2013 also has something to do with the independent spirit of the way the film was produced. It has just now been picked up for distribution and can only be brought to us at that time.
According to Mr. Zombie’s Facebook page :

For those of you confused and or pissed that the LORDS is not coming out asap. Well, I will try and explain it. Lords only just got distribution recently, so it was impossible to lock in theaters to show it. Studios book the screens and pick their release dates far in advance of the release. We did not have that luxury on this project due to the manner in which we decided to make it.

We are releasing it as soon as screens are available to show it. Simple as that.

Ok. Got it? Good.

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