Cabin In The Woods


Hello, class. Biscuits here.
I just got back from watching this one at the theater, and all I can say is wow!
I don’t even know where to start.

This film claims to be something new and different, aiming to re-vitalize horror films by changing the game up on us. To take the well-used scenario of a group of teenagers spending the weekend isolated in the woods, and turn it into something new. It succeeds on all fronts.

It is difficult to describe this film without ruining it for you guys, but I will give it a try.

It opens with two middle-aged scientist types trading clever dialogue back and forth, bustling to their job and making mention of “something big” in the works. From the opening scene, the audience is thrown off-balance, this being such a stark contrast to what we were expecting. It works to get us thinking from the beginning. Right off the bat, the film-makers let us know this is not what you thought it was.

Then we quickly cut to the typical modern horror set-up, meeting our likeable victims and following them to the titular Cabin. Kristen Connolly, Chris Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Jesse Williams and Fran Kranz fill the five usual archetypes of a horror movie like this – Dana the virgin, Curt the jock, Jules the slut, Holden the brains and Marty the stoner… only those roles aren’t exactly as we’ve always come to know them.

The story of their creepy weekend in the woods unfolds pretty much as would be expected in a typical horror film. The trick of the film is, every few minutes we get glimpses of the machinations behind all those stereotypes, in very clever cut-scenes to the scientists. Little by little, what is really going on is revealed, to the audience first and eventually to the surviving characters.

By the time the third act arrives and the worlds collide, it is nearly impossible not to look at the screen without a grin from ear to ear. The finale is packed with such deranged insanity, I wonder if anyone will ever be able to top it in terms of pure mayhem.

It is great fun to take this ride, and the script is very clever and well-written. It has been described as a love-letter to horror fans, and the winks to us along with references to easily-recognizable classics are plentiful. I believe there are even more layers to this film, but we will discuss them in a later class, after all of you have done your homework and seen this new classic.

In fact, us horror geeks that constantly whine and complain about remakes and sequels should consider it their duty to see and support Cabin In The Woods, which is a truly unique milestone for horror in film. It is not only a film with something new and different to offer, but it’s script even provides the answers as to why there are so many remakes and sequels if you pay close enough attention.

We, the movie geeks of the world, are the Old Gods, and we demand a sacrifice.

Grade : A

Faithfully submitted by Darth Biscuits.


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