Where to find the best horror groups on Facebook!


Over the past few months, even casual users of the social media giant Facebook have likely noticed some big changes in the content they now see in their news-feeds. Your favorite pages may have disappeared completely, and the people and artists you took the time to follow are probably being shown to you less and less, with more “suggestions” and “sponsored” posts taking their place.
This is all part of the website’s current money-making plan, and as shady as it may seem, it is their site to manipulate how they please. I will admit that it has been frustrating and disappointing that, after almost three years of steadily building a fan base there, now less than 1% of the 123,000 fans of HorrorHomework.com see our posts.
Again, it is their site to run as they please, and bitching about it gets us nowhere.

With that said, a bit of a loophole has appeared in the form of Facebook “groups” as opposed to pages. The groups have always been there, as a great place to meet and connect with other people from around the world who share similar interests. In fact, that is where the whole idea for this very website was born. In September of 2011, I posted a status about Chiller TV’s baffling “top horror films of the new millennium” on my personal page, and got tons of comments from friends, and they were still coming the next day…
A few days later, I created a group called Horror Homework, which grew into the page and website right here. As our focus shifted to building an original website and finding fans for our page, the group fell silent. Until recently.

For whatever reasons, the group pages seem to show up more often in the news-feeds, so it has been interesting to see the shift. Who knows how long it will be until FB realizes that we have found the back door, but in the meantime we can all enjoy the benefits of joining a group and seeing the content that we are interested in, without all the meddling.

So what follows is a list of some of the more interesting horror groups currently on Facebook, recommended for everyone.

Of course, Horror Homework is our group that I would encourage you to join, as well as making an effort to check in on the actual site for consistent news, reviews, contests, and artist profiles. Did I mention we created our very own independent social network?
You can join that and create a free profile by clicking the join tab in the upper right hand of the homepage here.


Elsewhere on Facebook, the large group Fans Of All Things Horror has a ton of members that consistently interact with each other and post interesting topics for discussion. Moderated by Stephen Pisani, a veteran of horror on TV and film, who often puts unique and irresistible collectables up for sale. He has an online store to visit here, but lists many of his newest and greatest items right in the group for the members to have the first chance at them. This is a very entertaining and recommended group!


Another wonderful group is the Horror Artists group, where I have been lucky enough to meet and interact with a ton of great artists working within the genre. The group is a real pleasure to browse, as the artists themselves consistently upload their newest works and share constructive criticism and compliments with each other. A great group to join if you are a horror artist, or just someone who appreciates great art, with a dark side.


The Bloody Pit Of Horror is fun group from the admins of Horror And Shit and Horror of Truant, a drama-free environment where fans can gather to discuss their love of all things grotesque and wonderful.


Legends Of Horror is a group moderated by Brandon Stephens, a screenwriter who definitely knows his stuff. A friendly and interesting group for horror fans, it consists of art/drawings, movie reviews, contests, trivia, movie updates and a random horror movie every Sunday!


Finally, be sure and check out I LOVE ALL HORROR, a group created by our friends at iHorror. Another place to get your fill of all the news and discussions you can handle. Be sure and check it out, for news and updates!

I hope you guys find this list useful, and be sure to join these groups to fill your Facebook news-feed up with the horrific images and articles that we have been missing!
Enjoy, and remember to try and get along with everyone if you join these groups. We are only as weird as our neighbors…


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The true story of “Annabelle”, the creepy doll from The Conjuring.


Yesterday afternoon, New Line Cinema dropped the first teaser trailer for their upcoming spin-off/prequel to last summer’s horrific hit, The Conjuring. While very few details about the film are known, it is said to tell the story of how the creepy doll came to be “possessed”, and how it ended up in the hands of the young college students and eventually in the Warrens’ basement at the beginning of the earlier film.
The new film is set for release on October 3rd, 2014, and you can check out the trailer below :

While the teaser has some creepy, stylish elements and the film will most likely prove to be an entertaining time, it seems that the Hollywood version of the story is getting further away from the documented case of what actually happened.
Although no one can ever say for sure what really inhabited the doll (if anything), the story of the original case is just as fascinating, without any Hollywood embellishments.
In fact, the trailer above even contradicts the fictional history of Annabelle, as presented to us in The Conjuring. It appears to be the origin of how the doll came to be possessed, even though Patrick Wilson told us that the doll was never possessed by a human.
So, yeah, the trailer above is a bit baffling, but we will reserve judgement until October.


In the meantime, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the real world history of this case. First of all, the real “Annabelle” doll has a much different appearance than the one in the films. In fact, she was a Raggedy Ann doll, based on the writings of Johnny Gruelle, which were very popular in the early 20th century.

Lorraine Warren with "Annabelle".

Lorraine Warren with “Annabelle”.

Although the opening sequence to The Conjuring claims it took place in 1968, the documented case occurred in the summer of 1970, when a mother purchased an antique Raggedy Ann doll from a hobby store. The doll was meant as a birthday gift to her daughter, Donna, a nursing student who resided with a room-mate named Angie in a small apartment.
Happy with her gift, Donna placed the doll on her bed and didn’t give much thought to it until the pair started to notice strange things concerning the doll. It appeared to move around and switch positions, crossing and uncrossing it’s legs and arms when no one was around. As time passed, the occurrences became more common and increasingly bold.
The girls would come home to find the doll in a completely different room than it was left in. Sometimes they would find it standing upright in the kitchen, or with it’s legs crossed on the couch, awaiting their return. Donna began placing the doll face down on the couch before leaving for her studies, only to return to find it back in her room on the bed with the door closed.
After about a month of these strange happenings Donna and Angie began to find cryptic messages, in pencil on parchment paper, by what looked to be the hand-writing of a small child. The messages said “Help us” and “Help Lou”.
The Lou in question was a friend of the roomies, and not a fan of Donna’s creepy doll. He urged her several times to get rid of the doll, but as it was a gift from her mother, Donna wanted to keep it because of her sentimental attachment.
One night Donna came home to find that the doll had moved again, and this time it was covered in what appeared to be blood. Feeling more frightened than ever, the girls contacted a medium and held a seance. The medium claimed to have picked up the story of “Annabelle”, a young girl who had lived and died on the property years previous, before the apartments had even been built. The medium told the girls that the spirit of the young girl had found comfort with them, and wanted only to live among them and be loved. Convinced by the sad story of the young girl who had left the earthly plane too soon, the girls then invited “Annabelle” to inhabit the doll and stay with them.
Which turned out to not be such a great idea…
Their friend Lou was the victim of the first physical manifestation of what the girls had unwittingly invited into their home. One night while awakened from a deep sleep, Lou found himself unable to move in the bed. He claims that the doll was in the bed with him and slowly moved up his body and began to strangle him with it’s little doll hands, while he was paralyzed.
His friends dismissed it as a dream, but Lou was convinced that something evil was lurking within the doll, and on another night his suspicions were confirmed. Lou and Angie were alone in the apartment, making plans for a rod trip the next day when they heard a rustling noise coming from Donna’s room. Lou found the room empty of intruders, but spied the doll tossed on the floor in the corner. He made his way to the doll, and had a distinct feeling that someone was behind him. He turned around to see no one there, but a moment later he claims that his chest was slashed by seven claw marks, three vertically and four horizontally. The cuts were burning and bleeding, but reportedly healed fully within the next two days.
At this point, the students were put in contact with the Warrens, who quickly took an interest in the case. As portrayed in The Conjuring, Ed and Lorraine Warren quickly concluded that the doll was not “possessed”, but rather being manipulated by a demonic presence.
The Warrens had an exorcism performed at the apartment, and agreed to take the doll into custody as it were, and have imprisoned the suspected conduit in a glass case for the past decades.
Despite the doll’s lock-up, there have been subsequent incidents thought to have been caused by “Anabelle”.
But, in reality, it is just a silly old rag doll, right?
Ed Warren believes otherwise, and says only, “Do not challenge evil. No man is more powerful than Satan.”
Okay, okay, I take it back!

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Win a T-shirt and flashlight to prepare for The Purge : Anarchy!


Last summer’s surprise horror hit The Purge featured a concept so balls-out insane and unlikely that it was hard to resist. The idea of an annual “Purge Night”, where all crime including murder is legal for 12 hours seemed like a huge stretch in credibility, but audiences ate it up.
Even I will admit that it turned out to be an entertaining flick despite of the presence of Ethan Hawke.
With the sequel, which hits theaters everywhere tomorrow, the fictional world appears to have been opened much wider providing a scope for this film which will potentially allow it to live up to it’s subtitle.
Check out the trailer for The Purge : Anarchy below :

Today the good folks at Universal have provided us with a cool gift package for one of you lucky students of Horror Homework!
The package includes an official Anarchy T-shirt (size Large) and a flashlight to protect your assets on Purge Night, if you choose to partake!


To be eligible to win, simply like and share this post with your friends, and comment below on how you would stay safe and what you would do if the Purge night really happened.
And prepare for Anarchy by checking out the “5 Things To Know Before You Watch The Purge: Anarchy” Interactive GIFs below.
Move your mouse across the GIFs to control the scene!

Good luck out there!
And don’t forget to leave your comment in the section below to be eligible to win this prize!
What would you do, if there were no repercussions?


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

First concept art from Rob Zombie’s next film, “31″!


A few months back, in May 2014, we were teased with the next project from rocker turned director Rob Zombie.
After bursting onto the horror (film) scene with House of 1000 Corpses in 2003 and it’s sequel The Devil’s Rejects in 2005, Zombie has never failed to make an impression. His remakes of Halloween and Halloween 2 are at times both stylish and baffling, and Lords Of Salem was a unique film to say the least. My personal favorite of his directorial efforts has to be The Haunted World of El Superbeasto, just because it is so fucking insane and never once takes itself too seriously…

So, last month many people in the horror community had their opinions about what exactly “31″ was going to be. Was it another sequel in the re-imagined Halloween franchise?
The clown mask in the poster prompted cries of a Captain Spaulding origin story, and many fans have ventured guesses to what Mr. Zombie would be submitting for our appraisal.


Zombie himself offered answers last month via his Facebook page, stating :

“All I can tell you is that it’s a completely original idea, it’s something new. It’s not based on anything. I’ll start shooting the movie in the fall. So hopefully starting from October, I’ll start shooting it. For right now, I’m going to keep the details secret. But it’s not based on anything.”

“There’s a clown thing in the movie, but it has nothing to do with Captain Spaulding. And what is in the movie doesn’t look like Captain Spaulding either, maybe the people think the poster does but the movie won’t.”

But that was it. Until now…

Today, Zombie took to his Facebook page once again to enlighten us with some interesting concept art, and once again got the masses guessing with the following post :


Speculation is rampant, including many observant commentors claiming that it looks like the Halloween party from the original Karate Kid “on steroids”!
Hopefully Mr. Zombie will keep to his promise of lots of forthcoming news about this intriguing project (most likely at the upcoming Comic Con) and give us some clue as to what this film will end up being.
Stay tuned right here to Horror Homework for more news and info about this film, and be sure to sign up for Rob Zombie’s mailing list to be the first to know anything new!
Or don’t. Whatever…


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First trailer for Alex Aja’s adaptation of Joe Hill’s “Horns”!


Joe Hill is one of those authors who everyone should be keeping an eye on. After bursting on to the horror fiction scene in 2005 with his short story collection 20th Century Ghosts and following it up with the great novel Heart-Shaped Box, Hill delivered Horns in 2010.
A great book that I reviewed here, the impending movie is shaping up to be quite a curiosity.
Placing Harry Potter himself in the title role (essentially as the Devil), is either a wonderfully bold move or generic stunt-casting. Not to mention that the most effective parts of the novel were the thoughts of the characters, and Ignacious’ inexplicable ability to hear the inner workings of those around him. It is a concept that will be hard to convey on the screen.
As this is one of our Most Wanted films of 2014, I suppose we must put our trust in Aja, the director, although he has proven that he is not above “cheating” with his films. (I am referring to the wildly illogical and impossible twist ending of High Tension here.)
Check out the first trailer below :

Fingers crossed for this one!
This film opens on Halloween night in the UK, but there is still no word on a US distributor as of this writing.
What do you guys think?


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Win an original painting from Paul Gerrard and The Company Of Shadows!


Last year a little project popped up called “Hellraiser Origins“, meant as a true re-invention of the world of Clive Barker’s beloved Cenobites. Spearheaded by artist and producer Paul Gerrard, the project was envisioned as a love letter to Barker’s original mythology and a completely new take on the characters and storyline.
The project even got as far as a (very impressive) teaser trailer, just before Clive Barker announced his own intention to re-boot the franchise himself. Unfortunately, this announcement killed Mr. Gerrard’s project, because as he said himself, “Who’s going to argue with Clive Barker and the Weinsteins?”
Rather than curling up in a ball and letting this defeat him, Mr. Gerrard re-grouped and decided to go 100% independent and produce his own art book, filled with short stories and many of the unused design concepts.
For more information on the contents of the book, please see our most recent interview with Mr. Gerrard right here.


With a fundraiser that started back in early June, the ambitious project is now nearing 60% funding. And that is where you come in…

The artist has graciously offered a prize package for you, the students of Horror Homework! The prize will be an original painting from Paul Gerrard titled “The 8 Steps” (seen below), and a “Body Horror” edition of the art book, which includes one original pencil sketch and three extra signed prints.

"The 8 Steps"

“The 8 Steps” by Paul Gerrard.

All you have to do is help spread the word about the fundraiser, and help this incredibly creative man get his artwork seen.
The details of the fundraiser can be seen here (only 26 days left).
Visit Paul Gerrard’s Art Page on Facebook and the Hellraiser Origins page to learn more, and share from these pages in your effort to help spread the word.
Get up, get out, and tell a friend about this project, and you could be the lucky winner of this great package from a unique artist!
He is currently adding new sketches and artwork daily to entice some more contributors, and I have collected some great examples below.
There is no doubt that this book has such sights to show us…

“In order to be created, a work of art must first make use of the dark forces of the soul.”

― Albert Camus






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What’s in the box !?! The first Horror Block is here!


A few months ago, we got contacted by a new and potentially awesome company with a concept called “Horror Block”. From the makers of the successful Nerd Block, the idea is a monthly subscription service that ships you a box full of horror-themed goodies every month for the low price of twenty bones. Sounds great, right?
Well, the very first Horror Blocks have shipped, and we (and one lucky student of Horror Homework) were lucky enough to get one of these mystery boxes in the mail. So what was inside?
Let’s check it out!


Arriving in a shoebox sized package, the first Horror Block included everything you see in the photo above. The monthly subscription service promises a new horror-themed T-shirt each month along with the current issue of Rue Morgue, which alone makes the box well worth the price.
A new shirt every month and a subscription to one of the best horror mags on the news-stands?
Sign me up!
But wait, there’s more!
The service also promises a cool assortment of trinkets each month for the horror fan to enjoy. The creators of Horror Block obviously know their audience, and are aware that most of us are compulsive collectors of random stuff!

My premiere box included a Funko Pop! Walking Dead figure of the notorious “Bicycle Girl”.


A mystery vinyl figure from Funko‘s Horror Classics line (I got Jason!) ;


A cool pack of Horror Icon stickers from Playful Gorilla.


And finally a bar of “Blood Soap”, perfect to give my mother next time she comes for a visit.


Overall, this was a great package, and definitely a recommended subscription for any horror fan to enjoy. It is a really fun and well-executed idea, and I can’t wait to see what the future boxes bring!
As an added bonus, they are offering a super-charged “Beast Block” to one lucky subscriber each month, including some top-notch additions to the already sweet deal!


You can subscribe to Horror Block here.
And be sure and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more news and updates!

Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

What I saw on the set of “Human Centipede 3 : Final Sequence”!


The Human Centipede films are always a touchy subject for horror fans. With a concept so disgusting and outrageous, conversations always tend to get heated when discussing them. Some people (like myself) can appreciate them for what they are : provocative, boundary-pushing pieces of exploitation.
Other people get very angry and self-righteous at the mere mention of these films, calling them disgusting trash and sick perversions IN ALL CAPS!
Trust me, I know. I run a horror page on Facebook, and every time we post an image from the series, the haters come out in droves to bash it. In my opinion, this is the perfect example that Tom Six has created a masterpiece of incendiary film. The haters have spread the word more than the fans.


That being said, I get a lot of people asking about details for the upcoming third film in the series. It is obvious that a lot of us horror fans are greatly anticipating the release of this film. Details have been admittedly scarce, and I am just as excited as the rest of you sickos to finally see the finished product, but as of this writing we still have no release date or trailer.
It is my opinion that director Tom Six is holding out for a good distribution deal. He knows he has the demand, and he is confident in his film (as he should be). The first two got very limited theatrical runs, and then direct to video releases. I believe that Mr. Six is planning for world domination with this release, the final chapter in his series.


As he has unceremoniously disappeared from Twitter, and little word is coming out for this highly anticipated film, horror fans have been left guessing as to when they will ever get to see this future classic.
Although this may be taboo, I am going to tell you guys today a little about my experience on the set and what you can expect when the film finally gets released. I hope it does not offend the director or anyone involved, and only serves to make the already rabid audience hunger more for the film.
So, let’s start with what is “general knowledge” about the film.
It is pretty widely known that the film is set in a prison and includes a 500 (!) person centipede, but further details have been scarce and well-guarded.
Back in March, this photo was released to the public, confirming that both Dieter Laser and Laurence Harvey would be returning for the sequel. Other cast members include Eric Roberts, Tiny Lister, Robert LaSardo, and Bree Olsen.


In April, an interview with Eric Roberts was published in Entertainment Weekly, where he notes that he is sworn to secrecy but says “It’s REALLY horrible”.
Then a thoughtful piece showed up in the Huffington Post last month, speculating on the plot and possibilities of the sequel.
And most recently, this interview with Robert LaSardo popped up on the Fangoria channel, where he talks about the loftier intentions of the film.

As I was just on set as an extra, I was never “sworn to secrecy”, as the stars were, so I am going to go ahead and spill the figurative beans here. If this is over-stepping any boundaries with the film-makers, I will be glad to remove the post at their request. To be clear, I am not writing this to ruin anything for anyone. Rather, to share my experience with my readers, and get some more people excited for this film.


It has been over a year since I wrote this post detailing the opportunity for some lucky fans to be an extra in the upcoming sequel. After writing that, it occurred to me that I was close enough to L.A. to give it a shot, and managed to get an invite to the set, in an abandoned prison.
It was my first time ever on a movie set, and a fascinating experience.
After signing in and waiting around in the front room of an abandoned prison, a large group of dangerous-looking men (myself included) were fitted with orange jumpsuits and led through some dirty forgotten corridors. A quiet prison is very creepy.
We were led into a cafeteria filled with large cameras and bustling workers, and some smoky effects. I was situated at a long table opposite Tiny Lister (Deebo himself!) and got to listen to him tell amusing stories as we waited for action.
In the scene, we the prisoners were being forced to watch the first two Centipede films, and made to act disgusted and outraged. The great part of this was that many of my fellow extras actually had no idea what this film was even about! Some of them had never even actually seen the first two films, they were merely full time extras who got called for a random job! So, needless to say, some of those guys were not feigning disgust.
The scene ends with some violence and a riot in the cafeteria when the warden, played by part 1′s Deiter Laser, shows up to insult all of us lowly prisoners.

So yes, the plot obviously concerns a large group of prisoners under the rule of a deranged warden, and exists in a world seperate from both previous films, proving even more “meta” than the previous sequel.

My time as an extra was only meant to be for that one day, but at the end of shooting, I managed to weasel my way into the next week of the production. Perhaps due to my criminally good looks, possibly because they just needed as many rough-looking male extras to convincingly pull off a 500-person human centipede. Either way, it was a win-win to me.

The next week was to be the final week of principal photography, and I managed to get the time off from my real job and headed into a different empty prison an hour north in the desert in June.
Yeah, it was warm.

One major scene involved a huge group of us prisoners out in the yard, chanting “Death Rape!” repeatedly at a guard tower. In fact, those were pretty much the only words I said that day.

But most of the week comprised of us creating the actual centipede, on our hands and knees in the rocky desert under a burning afternoon sun. The crew provided us with knee pads and a custom made contraption with a face mask which was to be velcroed to the bottom of the prisoner in front of us. There were 100 of us on our hands and knees in the prison yard, and they used overhead crane shots of us in various specific positions to create the effect of a 500-strong centipede!

It was grueling, uncivilized work, but still more enjoyable than my day job.

The final day of shooting proved to be a more intimate and fascinating day. Well, not necessarily more intimate than spending a few hours with your face velcroed to another man’s ass, but I digress. Only a few extras were on set that last day, and we did some short scenes, including running (I never signed on for running!), trying to escape, and I even had a secondary role as a nurse wheeling a gurney.

The best part of this day was being up close and personal with the real actors.
Eric Roberts stole my lighter.
I got to chat with Robert LaSarda about that awesome flick he did back in the 90′s with Andrew Dice Clay for “Favorite Deadly Sins”.
It was fascinating to watch Dieter Laser, method actor extraordinare, getting into character.
I even got to chat up my new pal, Laurence Harvey, who is a very sweet and down-to-earth fellow.

All in all, it was a great experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Now, Tom Six, can we please see this movie!
Your audience is waiting, hungry with anticipation.


Art by Alex Pardee


Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

Creepy Confections and more from Christine McConnell!


L.A.-based photographer Christine McConnell has become an internet sensation over the past few weeks, after revealing some extraordinarily creative culinary creations via instagram. Although she says baking is merely a hobby for her that she taught herself by watching videos on YouTube (!), her creations are definitely unique and amazing. She says that the baking work is so complicated that she only does it for friends and family, and that she wouldn’t even know what to charge for them. From the looks of her intricate cakes and cookies, it must be awesome to be considered one of her friends.






Although it is her recent baked goods that have thrust her into the web spotlight, her photography is incredible and just as creative, taking inspiration from horror films and culture, such as this recent series of “date photos” she posted on instagram featuring none other than Jason Voorhees!


We met online and agreed to go out…

We went for a nice walk

I prepared a picnic…

…Which I think he liked.

Things were going well

And we were having a nice time…

Then he decided to get a little fresh…

… That was the end of the date.

For more from this wickedly creative young lady, be sure and keep up with her on instagram, Twitter, and her official website!


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A new collection of creepy short films!


Well, it has been quite a while since I have put together one of these posts showcasing some of the best short horror films floating around the internet. Mainly because no one seemed to watch them, for whatever reasons, but I have seen some really great ones over the past few weeks and decided to give it another go and bring them directly to you.
So bookmark this page and come back to it in the middle of the night for some good old fashioned scares!
I have a great collection here for your enjoyment.
Let’s start right off with a video that has been making the rounds on Facebook and scaring the shit out of everyone.
Please enjoy “Lights Out” from director David Sandberg, winner of the Whos There Film Challenge.


Next up is the latest from Dream Seeker Productions and director Peter Dukes, who you might remember from his previous short film “Little Reaper”.
Peter told me that his newest short, “Daniel”, was done as a challenge to himself, to make a short and sweet effective horror film in three minutes. I think he greatly succeeded. What do you guys say?


Next up is a brand new short from the legendary David Cronenberg, which will only be available online through September 14th. “The Nest” is a weird look at body horror and a psychological exploration of a very disturbed (and topless) main character.
Mixed reviews from the comments on youtube, but just the very idea of a breast filled with insects was enough to give me the heebie jeebies. And it helps to imagine Cronenberg questioning the girl while wearing his Dr. Decker mask…

Well, that was certainly…something.
David Cronenberg : The Exhibition is currently in Amsterdam runs until September 14th, and claims to explore Cronenberg’s world through the main themes of his films: the physical and psychological transformation of his protagonists.
More information can be found here.


Up next is a more straight-forward and genuinely creepy bit of weirdness from director Michael Evans and Go For Broke Pictures. “2 AM : The Smiling Man” is just straight out of a nightmare. Enjoy!


Last but not least, we have a recently uncovered video of Tim Burton’s obscure all-Asian version of “Hansel And Gretel”, from way back in 1982. This was one of Mr. Burton’s earliest collaborations with Disney, and it aired only once, on Halloween night in 1983.
Clear your schedule for the next half hour and enjoy Tim Burton’s twisted telling of the classic fairy tale!


In the past, I always liked to include a creepy music video with these films, so let’s keep that tradition alive! Here is the latest directorial effort from Eric Wareheim, an awesomely weird music video for “Streaker” by Tobacco.


And last but not least, our creepy animated short for this edition of Movie Day!
A random piece of strange storytelling from David Firth (aka Fat Pie), I hope you enjoy “Dog Of Man”.


Wow, I forgot how much fun I had putting these short films together and I hope you guys enjoyed them as well. To find the past collections of awesome short films (I used to do one post like this per week!) click the Movie Day! tab on the top left of the home page or follow this link!
If enough of you guys watch these and want more, please don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments. And if you are a film maker looking for an audience, please don’t hesitate to email me larry@horrorhomework.com!
Until next time…

Doomsday is coming. What are you going to wear?

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