Red band trailer for V/H/S Viral!


Coming this October is another installment of the hit or miss anthology franchise V/H/S. While I found the first two films to be worth watching, they both had thier high and low points, which is to be expected from a free for all from some insane directors. The newest installment looks interesting, and features five films from directors Todd Lincoln (The Apparition), Nacho Vigalondo (the upcoming Open Windows), Marcel Sarmiento (The ABCs of Death), Gregg Bishop (Dance of the Dead), Justin Benson (Resolution) and Aaron Moorhead (A Glaring Emission).
Check out the newest red band trailer below :

Looks like a lot of fun!
What do you guys think?
V/H/S Viral hits On Demand just in time for Halloween home viewing on October 23rd, and will get a limited theatrical release November 21st.
Count me in!



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Introducing Vulvatron, the new front-woman for GWAR!


Only a few short months after the devastating loss of David Brockie (aka Oderus Urungus) left the fate of the influential theatrical metal band Gwar in limbo, the group of intergalactic Scum-dogs has re-emerged with some radical new changes. For decades, this band of misfit miscreants has entertained and horrified audiences, and they show no signs of slowing down now, despite the loss of their fearless leader.
To be honest, the thought of Gwar minus Oderus did not sit well with this long time fan at first, until I saw this interview last month with long time member Beefcake the Mighty, where he said “Oderus always intended for Gwar to last 1000 years.”
And the thought of that is enough to make any fan of the one of a kind spectacle that is Gwar very happy.


So how does one go about replacing the presence of one of the most charasmatically deranged onstage presences of the last three decades? They don’t.
The upcoming tour will follow the storyline of The Search For Oderus, and the focus will be shifted to the newest Gwar front-woman, Vulvatron, as the Scum-dogs of the Universe scour the earth looking for their missing leader. An ingenious way to keep the spirit of the band alive without the sacrilegious idea of replacing Brockie.

Vulvatron – aka Kim Dylla – is the first female member of Gwar since the departure of the dancer/backup vocalist Slymenstra Hymen in 2000 and the band’s first female vocalist. Dylla is also been a member of the Kung Fu Dykes who appeared at the annual GWAR-B-Q last year. According to the band, the Kung Fu Dykes were “born during a forgotten dynasty when fire and death spewed from the earth, [when] three lesbians were miraculously transformed into the gorgeously disfigured rock superstars.”

Vulvatron had her onstage debut with the band on September 12th, alongside the reinvented alter ego of long-time band member Michael Bishop (Beefcake The Mighty) as Blothar, an armored Scum-dog who boasts shoulder-antlers and an udder. Vulvatron sports some fashionable spiky armor and huge breasts that spray blood, but she is not a gimmick, rather the proverbial real deal.
According to the new band leader herself, “Vulvatron is nobody’s girlfriend, or groupie or background dancer; Vulvatron is in charge … Representation matters, and now, all of a sudden, there’s a big, brash, bold new female personality on stage with a legendary band. Moreover, she’s just as gross and goofy as her male band-mates, whether she’s slaying dinosaurs or disemboweling Nazi skinheads onstage or drenching her minions with … [artificial] boob-blood.”
The newly re-invented band will begin the quest for their missing leader on October 15th in Brockie’s hometown of Richmond Virginia, with a full North American tour to follow.
Follow Gwar on Facebook and Twitter to stay abreast of the tour and news from everyone’s favorite band of psycho hate-fueled mutants.
Long live Gwar!
Here’s to the next 1000 years!

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Review of Kevin Smith’s Tusk : A Truly Transformative Tale


I have to be honest here. I was predisposed to love this movie.
There are a number of reasons why, and I suppose you can take this review with a grain of salt, since I am admitting freely that I simply love the fact that this film even exists. It is a miracle of independent film-making that a movie about a deranged man transforming someone into a walrus is in my local theater, screening happily alongside the summer blockbusters.


Kevin Smith has long been one of my favorite directors, if only for the fact that since debuting with Clerks in 1994, he has consistently followed his own path. After making a series of great stoner comedies throughout the 90s, Smith seemed to lose his way in the early part of the 2000s. After an embarrassing attempt at a big budget buddy cop flick left him (and audiences) feeling empty, Smith was set to retire from film-making altogether. Then he took up a new hobby of smoking large quantities of high quality marijuana, and realized that he could and should be making the movies that he wanted to see.
Lucky for us, most of these ideas are deranged and tinged with horror. After impressively changing gears a few years back with the quick and dirty flick Red State, Smith subsequently lined up a whole roster of films he would love to create.
In fact, following Tusk, he has several other films and ideas in various stages of production, including a Krampus anthology and something he described as “Jaws with a moose.”
It is as if he is aiming to be the Roger Corman of the new millennium.


The simple fact that this idea went from an odd joke on one of Smith’s podcasts into a feature film in a little over a year should be incredibly inspiring to anyone who struggles with creativity. If you listen to the podcast, it sounds like a couple of friends sitting around the table talking shit and having some good laughs. The fact that they followed through with this crazy idea should be an inspiration to us all.

Another thing that makes this film unique is the fact that it is the first film to ever have an officially licensed marijuana tie-in. That’s right, here in the great state of California, Smith partnered with a very classy medical marijuana dispensary called Buds and Roses to produce two strains of herb to promote the film. The sativa strain was named “White Walrus” and the indica labeled as “Mr. Tusk”, and were available in limited quantities. I managed to get my hands on a gram of the White Walrus last night before the show, and it even came with a handy Tusk grinder!

Okay, so what about the movie.
After we fired up the White Walrus, a gimmick equatable to putting on the 3D glasses before the new Spider-Man flick, everyone in my group was feeling happy and excited to watch the Walrus movie.
Justin Long plays a slightly mean-spirited podcaster from Los Angeles named Wallace, who takes a trip to the frozen tundra of Canada to further humiliate a young man who has accidentally cut off his own leg in front of the whole wide internet. When it turns out this subject is unavailable he follows a trail that leads him to another eccentric weirdo, Howard Howe, played by the hypnotic Michael Parks.
The first third of the movie works in the atmospheric old school tradition of the classic Hammer films, as the two share drinks and swap stories in Howe’s creepy old mansion. The tension built up here is great, and Michael Parks could mesmerize anyone by simply reading his grocery list, but let’s face it, we all know that Long is going to end up as a walrus.
I mean, that is the spectacle we came to see.


And that is the main problem with the film. It’s scope is very limited, and there is only so much of the preposterous transformation that can be shown, so we get bogged down with sub-plots and offbeat characters to fill out the running time.
Especially a certain uncredited actor who has made a career playing “offbeat characters” who gets the spotlight for an inordinate amount of time right in the middle of the film, grinding it to a halt. Take away the sub-plot about Wallace’s girlfriend and best friend desperately tracking him down and the mumbling presence of bounty hunter Guy Lapointe, and audiences are left with only a few scenes of the good old gory walrus action we all came to see.
To be fair, those scenes are fantastic, and the sight of Long going “full walrus” is an image that will surely be burnt into the consciousness of audiences everywhere. The effects by Robert Kurtzman are grotesque and hilarious at the same time, and the punchline at the end of the film is worth the whole journey.


Over all, Tusk is a bizarre addition to the filmography of Kevin Smith, and a unique horror comedy. The film is not perfect, but it is definitely worth a watch. Get out to your local theater this weekend and support this kind of insanity at the movies! We need more madness at the multiplex, so help prove to the powers that be that there is an audience for experimental independent films made by stoned weirdos.

Chase every dopey dream you ever have, so long as it doesn’t involve hurting or killing anybody.”
- Kevin Smith



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Extreme Pinocchio comes to the Diabolique Film Festival!


French filmmaker Pascal Chind is a madman. Let’s just get that out of the way.
Need proof? Here is the synopsis for his new short film, Extreme Pinocchio :

Patrick, a dwarf junkie (and father-to-be) wants to clean up his act. But his dealers (the Cat and the Fox) have something else in mind: Patrick has to dress up as Pinocchio to steal money from a pedaphilic, schizophrenic, psychopath who thinks he’s Geppetto… 


The film is a berserk and stylish re-interpretation of the classic story, told in an undeniably endearing way. The look of the film is unique with its oddball diesel-punk aesthetic, something Chind used to great effect in his previous film Short Cut, which has gone on to become one of the most broadcast shorts on French television.
You can see his debut film below:

About Extreme Pinocchio, the director says :

Fairy-tales are often violent, and for me Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio is one of the most brutal. There have been several film adaptions of the story (the most famous being Disney’s 1940s cartoon, of course), but I wanted to create my own, modern version, and play on the fears of today’s society.

My Extreme Pinocchio is deliberately politically incorrect. It takes the story out of its original context, and drops it smack bang into the unsavoury suburban slums of a faceless, modern city, where Gepetto is a pervert, Jiminy is a 10cm-tall rapper and the Blue Fairy is a transvestite. Patrick becomes a real-life ‘puppet’ when he agrees to steal money for his dealers and thus condemn himself to a lifetime of physical enslavement at the hands of Gepetto.

The themes of childhood and fatherhood run through the original book. I’ve made this the starting point for my film’s dark comedy: In Extreme Pinocchio’s upside-down world, loving, fatherly Gepetto is a psychopathic ogre of questionable repute, who lives in a world of toys and thinks that Pinocchio (because he is small) is a child.

And Patrick/Pinocchio (a little adult man) is about to become a father yet gets mistaken for a boy.The characters in my film live in a modern society, peppered with the relics of days gone by. I love mixing eras, fashions and technology to create new worlds that both surprise audiences and give them enough material to identify with. I like entertaining people by unsettling them and plunging them into dark, comical, retro-futuristic atmospheres.
This is what I hope to do with Extreme Pinocchio.


Extreme Pinocchio is currently touring the film festivals, and will be showing at the Diabolique Festival in Bloomington, Indiana on Saturday, September 20th.
For more info about the Diabolique International Film Festival, see here.
For more screening chances and options to see Extreme Pinocchio for yourself, check them out on Facebook and Twitter.
Check out the trailer for the film below.

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New Blu-Ray covers for MGM/Fox horror films from amazing artists!


MGM studios is giving horror fans a real treat this month with a grand re-release of many of their classic horror films on very affordable Blu-Ray, complete with brand new covers designed by some of the best artists working in the industry right now. The artwork is a refreshing change of pace from many of the drab photoshopped DVD covers we see on most mass market releases these days.
Including original artwork from artists like Jason Edmiston, Ghoulish Gary Pullin, and other very talented artists, these new releases are in major retail stores right now, with a very modest price of 7-8$. These are some must have special editions and we can thank Skuzzles for bringing these into reality. Some of these works of art are also available as posters on the Skuzzles website, but they are going fast!
Check out the gallery of new covers below, and get your ass to the local Wal-Mart and start digging for these beauties!


– Jason Edmiston


– Todd Slater


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin


– Joshua Budich


– Grzegorz Domaradzki


– Randy Ortiz


– Dan Mumford


– Jason Edmiston


– Justin Osborne


– Paul Shipper


– Francesco Francavilla


– Ghoulish Gary Pullin

This last one is not a DVD cover, rather a sold out limited edition poster from Godmachine.
Skuzzles claims that they never reprint anything, so at least we can all drool over it here.
Be sure and follow Skuzzles on Facebook to avoid missing out on unique deals like this in the future.


Horror Comics at

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Artist Alex Pardee illustrates the monsters of Cabin In The Woods!


Opening today September 5th 2014 at Gallery 1988 West is an art tribute show to film-maker Joss Whedon. Similar to the gallery’s previous shows paying respect to Edgar Wright and J.J. Abrams, a wide variety of artists from around the world have been given the freedom to create their art based on the world Joss Whedon has built over the course of his career. So, anything from Buffy to Firefly is on the table (excluding The Avengers, as they already had an Avengers-specific showing a few years ago) and many awesome artists have created some pretty amazing pieces.
One of my favorite artists, Alex Pardee, has taken his inspiration from the long list of monsters and creatures that were on display in the ground-breaking 2012 flick Cabin In The Woods, which was written and produced by Whedon. Collected below are Mr. Pardee’s contributions to the unique art show which opens today and will remain on display until September 27th.


The 1988 West Gallery is located at 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles CA.
More information about the show can be found at the Gallery 1988 website, and much more from Alex Pardee can be found here.

Please enjoy the “Zoology Department” series by Alex Pardee below :

Wraith :

Dismemberment Goblins :


Vampire :


Zombie Redneck Torture Family :


Sexy Witch :


Alien Beast :


The Twins :


Giant :


The Doll :


The Bride :


Angry Molesting Tree :


Zombie :


Demon :


Dragon Bat :


Witch :


Clown :


Giant Snake :


Hell Lord :


The Scarecrow Folk:


Sugarplum Fairy :


Snowman :


Deadite :


The Doctor :


Sasquatch :


Reptilius :


Mummy :


The Reanimated :


The Huron :


Unicorn :


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New Scooby-Doo Adventures from illustrator Travis Falligant!


Artist Travis Falligant got hooked on horror at a young age like the rest of us, with the original Scooby-Doo movies. After years now creating artwork and graphics for  HorrorHound magazine and consistently updating his blog and store with great character art, he has created a unique new series.
Travis Falligant’s “New Scooby-Doo Movies”  brings the gang back together for a great art series, forcing our meddling old pals to come face to face with some modern day monsters. An idea so great in its simplicity and full of endless possibilities, it is no wonder this unique work is appearing everywhere online, drawing Falligant attention from horror luminaries such as Wes Craven, Rob Zombie, and Bryan Fuller.


In a recent interview with our friends at, the artist says “The Scooby Doo series started with me rewatching the old cartoons and wanting to see the gang go up against my fave horror icons. I use screen grabs of certain scenes and of the Scooby gang in various poses. I then illustrate the new monster/slasher/villain they are going up against, trying to stay in the style of the old artwork used in the series. I finally marry all of those elements in Photoshop and add grain and blur to the images so they look as though they were scenes taken straight from the show.”


He has no plans to sell these amusing pieces, as he uses the original artwork in this labor of love which was solely created for the amusement of online junkies like us! He encourages you to download and share these pieces around, use them as wallpapers, generally enjoy them!
However, many of his other horror-themed pieces are available to wear, look at and lay on top of at his RedBubble store.


He is continuing the series and has some surprises in store for Scoob and the gang in the future.
Their latest adventure is called “The Terrible Texas Terror”-
Scooby and the gang travel to Texas to compete in the state chili cook-off and run afoul of the Sawyer family, a kooky bunch of locals with a secret in their sauce…



Stay tuned to Travis Falligant’s blog and Facebook page for more updates!
I can’t wait to see the next Scooby Doo Lost Mysteries!
Who would you like to see appear in upcoming works?


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The red band trailer for ABCs of Death 2 is amazing!


In 2012, the first version of this interesting concept was released to mixed reviews. Many of the short films included in the first anthology were hit or miss, and some worked better than others. While it was a hard film to love as a whole, the ABCs of Death series is a welcome inclusion in the horror community.
In case you are late to the party, the first film collected 26 short films by 26 different directors, each presenting their horrific take on the letter of the alphabet that they were assigned. Some were awesome, some not so much. The idea seemed to be greater than the results. The producers did some cool things like releasing the DVD packaged like a children’s book, and then went on to give anyone a chance to direct the M segment of the sequel with a great short film competition.


Now we finally have the first look at the trailer for the next 26 films, and it looks incredible.
Check it out right here :

Including “M is for Masticate” from contest winner Robert Boocheck, along with 25 other influential directors unleashing three minutes of madness, this looks like it is going to be the rare sequel that outdoes the original. What looks most interesting to me in the clip above is the obvious sense of humor involved in this project — something that was sorely lacking in the first incarnation of the series.
The ABCs of Death 2 hits VOD October 2nd, and will be in select theaters on Halloween night!
Who else is excited for this one?


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New DVD and On Demand Releases for September 2014!


Well, we made it through the summer at last and our favorite time of year is creeping in on us now. The months leading up to Halloween always have some interesting horrific releases, and this year is no different. As the nights get cooler and the department stores get a little creepier, these new releases will keep us agoraphobics happy and horrified.
In theaters we finally get to see what the hell Kevin Smith’s Tusk will actually turn out to be, but other than that it seems like September was made for good old fashioned home viewing.
Of course the must have release for this month is the 15-disc Halloween: The Complete Collection! I have mine pre-ordered!
Check out the list of new releases below, and let us know what you are looking forward to!

September 2Cabin Fever: Patient Zero


Revolves around a group of friends that travel to a small undocumented island in South America to celebrate one of them getting married. The island is also home to a research facility, which faces an outbreak of the very same virus from the previous films. The remaining survivors must band together and find a way off the island before it’s too late.

September 5 — The Pact 2 (On Demand)


Only a few weeks after Annie Barlow exterminated the plague that was the Judas Killer, we meet June, a woman whose carefully constructed life in Los Angeles is beginning to unravel due to lucid nightmares so awful they disturb her waking life.

When Special Agent Kevin Dickey, the FBI agent assigned to wrap up the case of the newly deceased Judas Killer shows up at June’s door, he brings with him some terrifying news – there is a Judas copycat killer on the loose in her neighborhood! In the course of his investigation, Dickey shows June a picture of the copycat killer’s victim, and she is stunned to see that it’s the same woman she saw brutally murdered in her nightmares.

A series of hauntings begin to torment June, growing in frequency and ferocity over time. Now, not only does she see murder victims, but her dreams put herself in the role of the murderer. June fears that the spirit of the Judas Killer is the architect of some greater plan in which she must now play a part. June struggles to maintain her grip on sanity as she plunges into her own investigation of these events. No matter the result, the truth will be horrifying; either there is true evil inside of her, or someone, or something, is determined to destroy her…

September 9The Hunted


In an attempt to land their own TV show, Jake (Josh Stewart) and Stevie (Ronnie Gene Blevins) head to the dense, secluded mountains of West Virginia. Equipped with only their bow and cameras, they have three days to kill a monster buck big enough to grab the attention of a TV network. Once they find the massive animal, they look to strike fast. But as the sun sets, they realize they’re not alone. A supernatural force appears to be lurking in the vacant woods… and now they’re the ones being hunted.

September 9Willow Creek


Jim and his girlfriend Kelly are visiting the infamous Willow Creek, the alleged home of the original Bigfoot legend – the tale of huge ape like creatures that roam the forests of North America. It was there that in 1967, the legendary beast was captured on film and has terrified and mystified generations since.

Keen to explore more than 50 years of truth, folklore, misidentifications and hoaxes, Kelly goes along for the ride to keep Jim happy, whilst he is determined to prove the story is real by capturing the beast on camera. Deep in the dark and silent woods, isolated and hours from human contact, neither Kelly or Jim are prepared for what is hidden between the trees, and what happens when the cameras start rolling…

See my advance review here.

September 12 — Honeymoon (On Demand)


Young newlyweds Paul (Harry Treadaway) and Bea (Rose Leslie) travel to remote lake country for their honeymoon where the promise of private romance awaits them.  Shortly after arriving, Paul finds Bea wandering and disoriented in the middle of the night. As she becomes more distant and her behavior increasingly peculiar, Paul begins to suspect something more sinister than sleepwalking took place in the woods.

September 16Godzilla


An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

September 16The Dead 2


Follows the story of American engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson) in a race against time to reach his pregnant girlfriend Ishani Sharma (Meenu). Burton enlists the help of an orphan street kid Javed (Anand Goyal) and together they make a perilous 300 mile journey across deadly landscapes as a zombie apocalypse threatens to engulf the entire nation.

September 23Halloween: The Complete Collection Limited Deluxe Edition


Halloween night – Haddonfield, IL.
A young boy butchers his older sister with a kitchen knife. 15 years later, he escapes from a mental institution only to return home and terrorize the town, including babysitter Laurie Strode. Now pursued by Dr. Loomis, the doctor who tried to treat him until he realized that “what was living behind that boy’s eyes was purely and simply… evil”.
His name is Michael Myers. And so began one of the most iconic horror franchises in history – what producers Moustapha Akkad and Debra Hill, writer/director John Carpenter and stars Jamie Lee Curtis & Donald Pleasence started has spawned 10 feature films and lasted over 35 years. Now, for the first time ever, experience the terror of every Halloween film available together in 1 set! This limited edition deluxe set includes 15 discs jammed with content Halloween fans will love. Brand new, never before seen bonus features including new interviews with cast and crew, commentaries, behind the scenes documentaries, and so much more. Plus, the NEVER BEFORE RELEASED Producer’s Cut of Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers! The set also features both Blu-ray versions of Halloween as well as the Network TV versions of Halloween and Halloween 2. Here it is, the one that started it all – Halloween: The Complete Collection.

September 23WER


Following the brutal slaying of an American family vacationing in rural France, a peculiar man living near the crime scene is blindly charged with their murders. Believing her client is innocent, expatriate American defense attorney Kate Moore and her team decide to take a scientific approach in order to prove his physical incapability to local authorities. As she delves into his enigmatic family history, she uncovers evidence that suggests the rebirth of an unexpected legend. When a bloodbath ensues, Kate must do whatever she can to survive the surrounding terror and prevent the chaos from spreading.

September 30Leprechaun: Origins


Backpacking through the lush Irish countryside, two unsuspecting young couples discover a town’s chilling secret. Ben (Dunbar), Sophie (Bennet), David (Fletcher) and Jeni (Roxburgh) quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be when the town’s residents offer the hikers an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

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Artist Matthew Therrien enters The Gates Of Misery!


The Gates Of Misery is a new project coming soon (with your help) from the mind of illustrator Matthew Therrien and a group of talented writers straight from the movies!
Described as a true passion project by all involved, The Gates Of Misery is a new anthology comic book series, a throwback to the glory days of EC comics and the creepy tales of terror we all grew up with.
Illustrated by Matthew, the premiere issue will contain original stories from young horror film directors Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral), Steven Kostanski (Manborg) and Jon Knautz (Jack Brooks : Monster Slayer) and colored by Shira Haberman (Manborg: The Official Comic).


Each story will follow a different unique character who finds themselves trapped within the Gates Of Misery, and is being created with us horror fans in mind. This series is speaking directly to the independent horror community, for anyone who wants more from their modern comics. The series premise possesses the potential for infinite possibilities of stories set in this dark and strange world, and if the caliber of talent on board for the first issue is any indicator, we are all in for a real treat with this book!

Artist Matthew Therrien has a Facebook page where you can see a large selection of his horror art, and proof of the passionate horror fan behind this project. A few of my favorite examples of his work can be seen below.




There is also a new Facebook page in support of this project, and of course, a Kickstarter campaign accepting donations now. This type of project is the perfect thing for crowd-funding, in my opinion. Independent artwork from passionate genre people, who want to give us something we are asking for. They are offering up some great incentives on the finished book for those who donate, so be sure and check out their Kickstarter campaign here and give if you can.
I know I will be, and am greatly looking forward to seeing this unique project on my shelf in the near future!


Horror Comics at

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